Saturday, June 7, 2014

Empowering Women Through Fragrance

A 1976 version of the Charlie Perfume ad
with THE ultimate Charlie Girl, Shelley Hack

Can a perfume commercial really make women think differently about themselves? The Charlie perfume commercials of the '70s certainly did. An article entitled "A Fragrance to Empower Women: The History of "Charlie" can be found on:

The article thoroughly explains why and how Charlie became the best-selling perfume in the world at the time. It also mentions the impact Shelley's Charlie perfume commercial (in particular) had on all women throughout the world. Shelley "in turn, helped to popularize the image of the independent woman," according to the article. It was Shelley's image that propelled the brand and made it one of the most significant scents in perfume history.

an outtake from that 1976 shoot for Charlie perfume