Friday, April 4, 2014

Shelley and The Boys

Shelley in the 1971 Seventeen magazine spread
entitled 500 Boys Say

Shelley appeared not only on the cover of Seventeen magazine's March 1971 issue but also on the main spread featured in the issue. Entitled "500 Boys Say," the spread explained to readers what boys wanted girls to look and be like at the time (soooooo retro.) Five hundred boys, with ages ranging from  16 to 24, from different parts of the US, were quizzed about their opinions on their ideal girl. The results of the survey were made part of the spread.

Shelley was photographed, along with two other models, playing badminton with a pair of boys. Her mini knit outfit in bright colors showed readers where her heart is. The knits worn by all the models were by Charlie's Girls. Hmmm, was that a sign of things to come? Oh, and while Shelley was on the front cover of the issue, Jaclyn Smith - for Breck -  was on the back cover. Hmmm, another sign? Hmmm...

Shelley showed the boys who had the ball in her yellow smock-style coat and matching kerchief. Her red jeans were by Lady Wrangler. Her boots (with added decals) were by by Olof Daughter, a popular brand at the time. Shelley was so cute.

Closeups of the left hand panel on the previous pic
with Shelley and the boys hamming it up for the camera