Saturday, April 26, 2014

Minis Are The Most

a 1971 spread called Minis Are The Most
from Seventeen Magazine

Shelley appeared not only on the cover of Seventeen magazine's March 1971 issue but also on the main spread featured in the issue. Entitled "500 Boys Say," the spread explained to readers what boys wanted girls to look and be like at the time (soooooo retro.) And according to the survey, 93.6 percent of boys wanted girls' legs to be seen not hidden; therefore, the mag recommended mini-jumpsuits and mini-skirts.

Shelley was so cute in her knitted short pants and puffy-sleeved top. Her look was made interesting with a unique but matching belt. Finished off with a bangle, pigtails and a pair of knee socks, her look was just adorable.

Shelley modeled a couple of mini-dresses that were just great to wear seaside. Above, she wore a sand-colored, arm-bearing, v-necked mini-dress, perfect for those summer days. Below, she wore "a madras-skirted knit-topped mini with cinchy belt," perfect for a seaside stroll.