Sunday, June 7, 2015

A Regular Sort

Shelley on Viva magazine in 1978
for Shelley's Viva cover
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Shelley appeared on the cover and pages of Viva magazine in May of 1978. It was a sort of promo for her upcoming film, If Ever I See You Again, her first leading lady role. In the article about her inside the mag, it's interesting to note how "she always wanted to be just a Regular Sort." Shelley had always wanted to live a normal life in spite of the abnormal/extraordinary circumstances she would always find herself in. She had been a model since her teens and had jumped to Supermodel by the mid '70s - right up there with Lauren Hutton and Karen Graham. She grew up in Greenwich, Connecticut and went to prestigious Smith College. She had traveled around the world by her mid-20s (as a student and as a model) and had earned enough from modeling to purchase a farm in upstate New York. She had embarked on an acting career that started with a bit part in the Academy Award winning Woody Allen film Annie Hall. But little did she know she was about to become an Angel and rise to an even loftier height. So much for being "a regular sort"...

gorgeous Shelley in a fab white top
with her hair up, '70s disco style
love the earrings