Sunday, June 7, 2015

Being in Step in '72

Shelley in a spread for Fashions of the Times in 1972

In 1972, Shelley appeared in Fashions of the Times, a magazine that came with The New York Times and featured the latest in... What else? Fashion, of course. She appeared in a spread called "Wear Sportswear. Be in step with today." Shelley modeled the latest in autumn 1972 day-wear and was photographed walking around Central Park in New York - chic-ing it out. The outfits she wore could be found in retail stores around New York City.

Shelley modeled a tailored suit which included a gray flannel jacket and vest, wide-legged tattersall pants and rayon crepe shirt - all by Victor Joris for V & J. She was stunning.

Shelley also modeled: Top right, a mauve suede dolman jacket over mauve and beige separates - all by Kasper for J.L. Sport. Above left, a bias plaid tent coat over a camel sweater and wool melton pants - all by Lewiston. Above right, a herringbone worsted wool suit by Ralph Lauren. She was one chic chick.