Saturday, June 20, 2015

1996 TV Movie

Shelley in a publicity still for the 1996 telefilm Frequent Flyer

Shelley starred in the TV movie Frequent Flyer in 1996. She played JoBeth Rawlings, wife to airline pilot and bigamist (or should it be tri-gamist) Nick Rawlings. When she finds out about her husband's sexual indiscretions - and consequently other marriages - she launches a campaign to financially cripple him and secure her own financial future at the same time. Smart girl. Joan Severance and Nicole Eggert played Nick's other wives, Alison Rawlings and Miriam Rawlings respectively.

screen captures of Shelley from the 1996 telefilm Frequent Flyer

The telefilm was a hit when it was first released in March 10, 1996 over the ABC network. It landed at # 11 in the ratings, out-scoring every show aired that same night, including The People's Choice Awards. Shelley's performance (as well as the rest of the cast) was superb. The film is well-paced and is really fun to watch. The movie is currently available on DVD. If yo can get it, buy it.