Saturday, March 8, 2014

Bosley Interviewed


British film fan and celebrity photographer Barry Iddon interviewed David Doyle (John Bosley of Charlie's Angels) in June 5 of 1980, when Shelley Hack was out of Angels and Tanya Roberts wasn't cast yet (and in 10 days they had to start shooting season 5! OMG!) The David Doyle & Charlie's Angels Story was posted on YouTube by Barry himself (thank you so much!) 

David said of Shelley, "I'm sorry to see that Shelley Hack chose to just do one year and then go on." Aaron Spelling told Glamour magazine in March of 1980 that it was up to Shelley if she wanted to stay on the show or leave. David added, "She's a lovely, lovely young lady. She's highly intelligent. And I think that it was a baptism of fire too that she came into Charlie's Angels at a time when we were, you know, just struggling to keep our popularity rolling and all. And so she had a... She put in one hard, arduous year and now she's off to, I hope, greener pastures." 

Oh, and Barry said of Shelley, "She's rather a dishy lady like.. Isn't she?" Well, Barry, we agree.