Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Big Book For Our Planet

The audiobook The Big Book For Our Planet (released in 1993)
and the audiobooks The Big Book For Peace and The Big Book For Our Planet (released in 2000)

In 1993, Shelley participated in the audiobook The Big Book For Our Planet as one of the narrators. The book is an anthology of short stories, essays and poems by 26 children's authors, including  Lois Lowry and Paul O. Zelinsky. It's like an all-star salute to Mother Earth. The other narrators who participated were Ed Begley, Jr., Robby Benson, Deborah Raffin, Mark Rolston, Laura San Giacomo and Marina Sirtis. The audiobook came in cassette tape format.

Shelley at an event in 1993

The contents of The Big Book For Our Planet are as follows:

Oh World, I Wish / Jane Yolen (Marina Sirtis)
Take Time / Tana Hoban (Mark Rolston)
Last Days of The Giddywit / Natalie Babbitt (Deborah Raffin)
The Mushroom / H.M. Hoover (Mark Rolston)
Little Whale And Jonah / Marilyn Sachs (Shelley Hack)
People's Gardens, Frederick Law Olmsted
And The First Public Parks / Milton Meltzer (Laura San Giacomo)
Watchers / Joanne Ryder (Shelley Hack)
The Deep Green Gift / Rosemary Wells (Deborah Raffin)
Why There is Death: A Native American Story / adapted by John Bierhorst (Marina Sirtis)
Pigs on Patrol / David McPhail (Robby Benson)
The Earth Game / Pam Conrad (Marina Sirtis)
Three Cheers For Bats / Laurence Pringle (Robby Benson)
Wetlands / Seymour Simon (Deborah Raffin)
Bird / Stephanie S. Tolan (Laura San Giacomo)
Prayer For Earth / Myra Cohn Livingston (Mark Rolston)
Limericks / X.J. Kennedy (Shelley Hack) Letter From Crinkleroot / Jim Arnosky (Shelley Hack)
Traffic / William Sleater (Robby Benson)
We Are Plooters / Jack Prelutsky (Ed Begley, Jr.)
From Island to Island / Lynne Cherry (Deborah Raffin)
The Boy Who Loved to Swim / Jean Craighead George (Marina Sirtis)
Me And My Weeds / Anne Rockwell (Deborah Raffin)
Elliott's House / Lois Lowry (Laura San Giacomo)
Jellies / Ruth Heller (Robby Benson)
Bringing The Prairie Home / Patricia MacLachlan (Shelley Hack)
Dear Earth / Karla Kushkin (Mark Rolston)