Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Angel Stigma

Shelley, like all the women who were once employed at the Townsend Agency, had a hard time shaking off the bimbo/mediocre-actress image that came with the role after her tenure on Charlie's Angels ended. Although she had received great reviews for some of her work on stage and screen, Shelley's acting triumphs went mostly unnoticed as publicity for her stage work was minimal and her screen efforts didn't result in a ratings bonanza or box-office gold. She did surprise many critics though, as well as fans who followed her career over the years. And like all the women who became Angels, she preferred to keep her distance from anything Charlie's Angels at the time, because it was hurting her career. There was a stigma associated with being an Angel - instant fame was guaranteed, but critical acclaim was iffy - and Shelley was not spared.