Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Alec Mentions Shelley

Alec mentioned Shelley on The Merv Griffin Show
watch it on YouTube:
Alec Baldwin Interview "Knot's Landing" (Merv Griffin Show 1984)
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Alec Baldwin appeared on The Merv Griffin Show in 1984 at around the time he was on Knots Landing. Previous to Knots, Alec was a regular on another series, as was pointed out by Merv himself during the interview. The series was Cutter to Houston which came out the year before and which starred Alec, Jim Metzler and Shelley Hack. Alec mentioned Shelley's name during the interview when Cutter came up. Incidentally, Shelley herself was a guest on Merv's show twice. On January 11, 1979 and on October 30, 1979. Let's hope Shelley's interviews come out on YouTube as well.

the cast of Cutter to Houston
Alec Baldwin, Shelley Hack and Jim Metzler