Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Iconic Fashion Pic

Shelley with Halston and fellow models on the poster 
for an exhibit honoring Anthony Mazzola
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Shelley appeared on the poster for an exhibit honoring the late legendary Harper's Bazaar editor Anthony Mazzola. Shelley appeared frequently on the fash mag in the mid-70s during Mazzola's tenure, in pictures taken by some of the most popular photographers of the era. The pic used for the poster appeared in the Feb 1977 edition of the magazine, which featured the latest designs from the best American designers then. Shelley was photographed with Halston and five other models. It was taken by Bill King.

Shelley with Cheryl Tiegs, Chris Royer, Karen Bjornson, 
Halston, Anne Holbrook and Shelley Smith