Tuesday, February 11, 2014

The Scent of Charlie

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Shelley is forever associated with the Revlon scent Charlie and the perfume is featured in a book by Barbara Herman entitled Scent And Subversion: Decoding A Century Of Provocative Perfume. An article about the book entitled "Perfume's Scents Of Subversion? Sweat, Musk And Patchouli" appeared on the NPR Books' online site. According to the article, the book chronicled Barbara's quest " to find the bold, sexy and downright odd smells that have defined women over the decades."  

Shelley in a 1978 version of the Charlie perfume ad

According to the article, Barbara said of Charlie perfume: 
 "The thing that I love about the perfume too is that the name is so ambiguous. 
Like, Charlie, is that her? Is that her name? Is she kind of this unisex creature now?"

Everyone has always been fascinated with the Charlie Girl, right? And that means Shelley Hack, THE Charlie Girl. Everyone has always been fascinated with Shelley, the one who catapulted the fragrance to icon, making herself an icon along with it.