Monday, January 20, 2014

It Doesn't End at 40

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Shelley is among the celebrities who have been included in the site Gorgeousness Doesn't End at 40. Her fellow Charlie's Angels Cheryl Ladd and Lucy Liu are also in the list, as well as a number of other showbiz luminaries who have aged gracefully. It's amazing how magazines and media in general have made it seem that gorgeousness is the sole property of the young when gorgeousness is an ageless quality (as proven by 73-year-old Supermodel Carmen Dell'Orefice) Besides, everyone eventually ages anyway, whether they like it or not, so what's all the fuzz about getting a wrinkle? It was never the dress, but the way you wear it, honey. You can be gorgeous at any age, and that's a fact. So youngsters, stop worrying and don't buy into it all. Just like the celebrities in this list, Gorgeousness knows no age.