Thursday, April 30, 2009

Shelley and Sears

A young Shelley Hack on page 55 of the 1972 Spring/Summer issue of Sears.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Shelley 2008

A friend asked yesterday what Shelley Hack looks like today. So I decided to post pictures of her when she appeared on the Oprah show last Jan 2008 (thanks to for the pics)

Shelley Hack in Halston

Shelley Hack with Halston (in black), Cheryl Tiegs (in the swimsuit)
and Shelley Smith (at the far right holding up the coat).

Other Shelley Hack Ads: Vicky Vaughn

Shelley Hack appeared in these Vicky Vaughn ads that date from 1971 to 1973.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Other Shelley Hack Ads: Napier

Shelley Hack was a very busy model in the 70s. She appeared in a lot of different ads. In 1976, she did print ads for Napier costume jewelry.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cutter to Houston

Cutter to Houston
Show Type: Medical Drama (CBS)
First Telecast: October 01, 1983
Last Telecast: December 31, 1983

Three young doctors with markedly different backgrounds and motives, Shelley Hack, Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin star as three young doctors at the world-famous Texas Medical Center in Houston who are recruited to run a small hospital in the small Texas town of Cutter, 60 miles from Houston, where they face medical and personal challenges. When they run into major medical problems their local facility can't handle, they contact the Texas Medical Center in Houston.

Dr. Beth Gilbert hates it there, Dr. Any Fenton likes it just fine and Dr. Hal Wexler is undecided.

Shelley Hack stars as Dr. Beth Gilbert, an ambitious sawbones doctor on temporary assignment in a small hospital in the dusty little town of Cutter. She aspires to be a heart surgeon in Houston.

Jim Metzler stars as the young and idealistic Dr. Any Fenton, who grew up in Cutter and is glad to be home.

Alec Baldwin stars as Dr. Hal Wexler, who just aspires to get through his probation -- he's been relegated to Cutter because he was a little too fast and free with prescriptions. Something of a ladies man, he finds consolation in the arms of pretty Texas cowgirls, at least until their two-fisted boyfriends come a'lookin' for him.

Shelley Hack as Doctor Beth Gilbert
Jim Metzler as Doctor Andy Fenton
Alec Baldwin as Doctor Hal Wexler
Susan Styles as Nurse Patty Alvarez
K Callan as Nurse Connie Buford
Noble Willingham as Mayor Warren Jarvis

1 Welcome to Cutter
(Pilot) (Oct 01,1983)
Episode Detail:
Three young doctors -Beth Gilbert, Andy Fenton and Hal Wexler- face medical and personal challenges in a small Texas hospital. In the opener, a woman's pregnancy is threatened by complications---and by a husband's bitterness over the amputation of his arm.
Guests: Jennifer Parsons.

2 In the Eye of the Hurricane
(Oct 08,1983)
Episode Detail:
A hurricane approaching Cutter jeopardizes a shipment of blood; Andy's black-sheep brother blows into town.
As Andy Fenton’s Brother: Jay Baker
As Corky: Philece Sampler
As Ursula: Rhonda Aldrich

3 From the Smallest Crystal, From the Smallest Stone
(Oct 15,1983)
Episode Detail:
Andy and Beth fight to save an Indian baby's life; Hal tries to convince a man that his paralysis might be reversible.
As Joshua Fox: Dehl Berti.
As Starr: Joanelle Romero.
As Lonny: Richard Lineback.

4 It Ain't Bragging If You Done It
(Dec 10,1983)
Episode Detail:
The star kicker for a high-school football team is sidelined with a foot infection just before the big game; Sally is bitten by a snake during a horseback ride with Hal.
As Howie: John Walcutt.
As Sally: Kelbe Nugent.

5 Race for Life
(Dec 17,1983)
Episode Detail:
Hal and the highway patrol pursue a cross-country race driver who may not live to see the finish line; Dorothy Jarvis is too upset to attend her 30th-anniversary party after a visit to a Houston doctor.
As Dorothy Jarvis: Georgann Johnson.

6 Tell Me a Riddle, Daddy
(Dec 24,1983)
Episode Detail:
A hard-living country singer resists a prescription of extended rest; a man's prejudice jeopardizes a kidney transplant for his daughter.
As Country Singer: Mayf Nutter
As Sarah Rose: Cori Wellins.
As Ambrose: Robert Viharo.

7 The Life You Save
(Dec 31,1983)
Episode Detail:
Beth finds both her personal and professional lives affected after a would-be rapist's attack; Hal eagerly anticipates his vacation in Houston.
As Kit: Kathleen Wilhoite.
As Large Man: Billy Drago.

8 Don’t Look For Zebras
Episode Detail:
The doctors rush to the local zoo with a young girl's life in the balance.

9 The Very Best Of Friends
Episode Detail:
Matt Randolph shows up in Cutter to see Dr. Wexler. The two were best friends in college but haven't seen each other since.

Comments (found on the net):

Great young cast in a short-lived series. This was a very short-lived series that had great promise. The drama series, which first aired on Saturday, October 1, 1983, ran for just over 3 months before airing its final episode on Saturday, December 31, 1983. Shelley Hack and Jim Metzler were the “name” actors in the series, but a young Alec Baldwin really stood out. The premise of doctors in a Houston trauma unit was pretty routine, but the cast seemed to give the show life. Unfortunately, the show was buried in a bad timeslot and never really had a shot.

Ahh - a real television obscurity Cutter to Houston (1983). I think I was the only person on this planet that watched this...In fact, I wonder if even Alec Baldwin remembers it. It was like a US Flying Doctors or something.

Shelley Hack bounces back from her abbreviated Charlie's Angels stint and proves that, with the right material, she is not without acting talents and charms. I've always liked Shelley and in this show, she made the transition from Charlie's Angel to angel of mercy rather easily. She is joined by a talented newcomer Alec Baldwin. This was just before Alec made a career-making turn on Knots Landing. This was an interesting, critically well-received show that should have grown and progressed, if the network had only supported it. What a waste. From Cutter to Houston (originally dubbed "Scrubs") could have taken the credits for discovering Alec Baldwin and unveiling the star that Charlie's Angels failed to bring out in Shelley Hack.

Baldwin on the Brink
Interview Magazine , October, 1989

CK: So then you started doing what— Knots Landing at this point?
AB: Shelley Hack and I and an actor named Jim Metzler, who's a friend of mine, did a medical series. Cutter to Houston, which could have been interesting if they had stuck to what they said they were going to do. It ran for only seven episodes.
CK: What network?
AB: CBS. I always liked working for CBS. They're very decent.
CK: You 're saying that with a straight face!
AB: Well, I mean decent for actors. I don't want to get into this, because it's like bashing people, but there's one network in particular where they just hate actors. They beat you down, they hire awful producers, and the actors are treated like scum. This network is doing very well right now, but every show that has become successful for them in recent times has been independently produced. The thing that's made them number one has nothing to do with them. Every time I've worked for them it's been a fucking nightmare.
After Cutter to Houston I got Knots Landing. That was great. I was pretty happy there.

Despite young stars like Shelly Hack, Jim Metzler and Alec Baldwin, Cutter to Houston only survived for three short months on CBS. The show was based upon a medical clinic in the town on Cutter, Texas 60 miles from Houston. The three doctors were serving the small Texas town's clinic for very different reasons. Ms. Hack (Dr. Beth Gilbert) was serving an apprenticeship while Alec Baldwin (Dr. Hal Wexler) was busy serving a probation brought on by charges of writing illegal prescriptions. Jim Metzler played the young surgeon Dr. Andy Fenton.