Sunday, May 30, 2010

Make It Pretty

Shelley is the featured model in this 1978 spread
entitled Make It Pretty, Make It Fast

Shelley Penny

from a 1976 JC Penny catalog
(I used her pic here as my header a while back)

Shelley Ads and Patterns

Some ads from 1970

1971 patterns from McCalls, Shelley is pic B on the pattern at the right

Saturday, May 22, 2010

We Have Turbulence

Frequent Flyer
[TV movie]
(Mar 10, 1996)

DramaDirected by Alan Metzger
Written by D. Victor Hawkins, Tom Nelson

Jack Wagner...........Nick Rawlings
Shelley Hack..........JoBeth Rawlings
Nicole Eggert..........Miriam Rawlings
Joan Severance......Alison Rawlings
Kalen Mills..............Eric
Elizabeth Ruscio.....Pat

Nick Rawlings, an airline pilot, is married to JoBeth, an antiques store owner, to Allison, a business executive, and is a marrying a young blonde named Miriam. As Nick and JoBeth’s anniversary nears, JoBeth discovers a receipt for a $9000 purchase that Nick made. Excited, she looks forward to her anniversary gift but becomes suspicious when it turns out to be a picture frame. Upon investigating, she finds out that the purchase was for an engagement ring (for Miriam). As Nick’s polygamous habit becomes clear to JoBeth, she exacts a revenge on her husband that makes sure she comes out at a financial advantage. As the women discover each other, Nick is left with nothing in the end.

Frequent Flyer was released in 1996 and Shelley Hack, at 49, looked damn good. Plus, acting-wise she had come a very long way from her Angels days.

Shelley paints JoBeth as a loving sweet tender wife and mother who is quick enough to use her head when she find out that her husband is cheating on her. After crying it out, she gets everything together to save whatever she can for her and her son. Shelley’s restrained performance was very moving. It’s also not a surprise that Shelley would consider playing JoBeth since the character was an astute, level-headed and practical woman who would do anything to insure the future of both her and her son whom she dearly loves.

It was interesting to see the scenes between Shelley and Joan Severance, two women who were supermodels at their time. Representing two consecutive eras of style, beauty and fashion, the women show us their effortless class and poise.

The film has been released on DVD but I’m very disappointed at the cover that was used. Although Shelley’s name is printed on the top portion, her image doesn’t appear. A side view picture of her is on the back. Shelley’s JoBeth is a primary character in the film so she must appear on the cover. I made my own version (the one on the right.)

Angel in a Bun

Shelley wearing her hair in a bun in 1979

Charlie 1981

Here are captures from a Charlie commercial Shelley Hack did in 1981. It starts with her coming out of her apartment in New York, spritzing on her Charlie and then magically appearing in the streets of London. The commercial ends with her in a tux walking the streets of London and receiving flowers from an admirer.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Best Buy

Shelley modeling the best buy sweaters at Montgomery Ward in 1977.


Shelley in a 1972 ad for knits.

Taking Back My Life

In 1992, Shelley co-starred in the TV movie Taking Back My Life: The Nancy Ziegenmeyer Story. It was directed by her husband Harry Winer. It seems like she donned a brunette wig with bangs giving her a totally different look.

Charlie 2010

I always dreamed of Shelley Hack returning to modeling. And what better vehicle for her than via Revlon Charlie and a Charlie perfume ad. But this time, as a more mature woman, it would be great for her to have her own line. I would call it Charlie Forever because, let's face it, Shelley Hack as the Charlie girl is forever.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

1966 ads

A pair of ads from 1966

Cutter to Houston

Cutter to Houston joins the 1983 fall series line up of for CBS. It starred Shelley Hack alongside Jim Metzler, who received a Golden Globe nomination for his supporting role in the 1982 film Tex, and an unknown named Alec Baldwin. The series short run was from October 1, 1983 to December 31, 1983. I guess sleeper hits were still unheard of at the time.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pop Culture Angels

I just saw the TVLand Awards where Charlie’s Angels was honored with the Pop Culture Award. Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd were there to accept the award for The show. Thank you very much to for the pictures (visit the site for more pics).

I'm so glad that Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts are finally getting recognized as truly a part of the Angels history and its phenomenon. YES, people do remember and love them both too. I was so happy that they were part of the Angels montage and were counted by Pam Anderson as part of the MAGIC SIX angels that sparkled on television. And yes, it's true that each and every angel had brought their own special touch to the show and each has their own following to this very day. I love Jaclyn Smith for mentioning the part of the Angels family that have passed away, but more so for mentioning the absent living members of the cast which are Kate Jackson, Shelley Hack and Tanya Roberts. Charlie's Angels is a true pop culture phenomenon in every sense of the word.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Sexy Shelley in Red

Some sexy photos of Shelley in red

Rare Covers

Some rare covers of Shelley in the 70s
(will try to find clearer versions)

1983 TV Movie

Trackdown: Finding the Goodbar Killer
aka Trackdown [TV movie]
(Oct 15, 1983)

Drama Directed by Bill Persky
Written by Albert Ruben

George Segal John Grafton
Shelley Hack Logan Gay
Jean De Baer Betty
Barton Heyman Cahill

A New York City detective investigates the sadistic murder of a young school teacher.

Harper's Bazaar

Shelley in fur in a spread for Harper's Bazaar, September 1977

Penny's two piece

A Pennys ad for swimsuits, Shelley in a two piece