Saturday, September 29, 2012

Multi Mixes

Shelley appeared in a spread for Seventeen magazine 
called "Multi Mixes The Together Knits" in October of 1970.

Frizzy Bob Beauty

Shelley is a beauty in a frizzy bob hairdo
in this pic from around the late '70s/early '80s.

It Would Be Wonderful on DVD

Shelley played Jackie Shea in  her third TV series Jack and Mike which was aired from 1986 to 1987. She along with co-star Tom Mason, as Mike Brennan, played a busy yuppie couple trying to make their marriage work. It was a delight to watch and it would be wonderful to see it on DVD or even in iTunes.

a mock Jack and Mike DVD cover
A promo for the series is part of a commercial block/montage from 1986 and is on YouTube. The episode featured is "Personal Foul" and is a replay. It's about a college professor who is suspended for trying to flunk the school's star basketball player. Mike is upset that Jackie's covering the story, since it's his Alma Mater and he's the team's No. 1 supporter. Check it out.

Jack and Mike promo

Protect Better

Shelley appeared in an ad for Kotex napkins in the early '70s. 
"They absorb faster, protect better."

Bonding With Cubby

In 1978, film producer Albert "Cubby" Broccoli was looking for Bond Girls for the upcoming James Bond installment Moonraker. Shelley's success as the Charlie Girl brought her to the attention of the producer who talked to her and wanted her to test for the part.

TV Channels

Shelley on the cover of TV Channels,
September 14, 1986

Fresh-Faced Beauty

Shelley is a fresh-faced beauty in this still
from Good Housekeeping, 1967.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Faking It Real

Shelley posed for this Penneys ad in the '60s. She modeled a white double-breasted mock-mouton acrylic pile peacoat with shiny vinyl trim. It may have been fake mouton, but at $28, the price was real. Shelley is so young and fresh in this ad.

Around Our Kind of Town

Shelley and Tom Mason posed for some stills in 1986 for their TV series Jack and Mike. They played a busy yuppie married couple trying to find time to be together. These were taken around Chicago, the setting for the series whose working title was Our Kind of Town.

Gorgeous Portrait

Shelley is gorgeous in this portrait taken around 1977. 
It highlights one of Shelley's assets, her shapely shoulders.

Charlie Commercials

Shelley appeared in several Charlie perfume commercials throughout the '70s and the early 80's. Her debut commercial as the quintessential Charlie Girl was so sensational it spawned many versions. Some of these are on YouTube, check them out.

The sensational 1976 debut
 This is the sensational 1976 commercial which made televison history. 
Bobby Short sings the jingle as Shelley Hack strides for independent women.

Charlie and Chaz, 1976
After Charlie became a huge hit with women, 
Chaz for men was released to follow in its footsteps. 
This commercial from 1976 markets the two together.

The world belongs to Charlie, 1977
In this montage, the 1977 version of the commercial 
takes Shelley from New York to London to Paris 
because "Now The World Belongs To Charlie."

At a floating party in 1979
It's Mel Tormé's turn to sing the jingle as Shelley, the Charlie Girl,
strides into a floating party. Male Supermodel Matt Collins greets,
lifts and kisses her at the end of this glamorous commercial.

Cowboys and the Angel, 1980s
The 1980s version of the commercial appears in this montage. 
Cowboy themed, it takes Charlie Girl and Angel Shelley  
into a sort of disco-square dance hall.

Thank you so much to those who posted these five commercials. And, by the way, there are more versions of the commercial with Shelley. YouTube postings of these others would be very much appreciated by Shelley Hack fans all over the world. That would be Kinda WOW!

Sears Mates

Lovely Shelley models Sears Mates in 1975. 
They "mix 'cause they're dyed-to-match."

Going Forward

A 1983 clipping about Shelley on her thoughts on her then new TV series Cutter to Houston. Her King of Comedy performance gave her a career boost and aside from her new series, she had Trackdown and Max and Sam (later renamed Found Money) as coming attractions. After Angels, Shelley was definitely going forward.

Aviator Chic

Shelley was chic in aviator shades
when she was spotted by the paparazzi in this '70s pic.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Apologies And Many Thanks

Charlie's Angels The Complete Series DVD box set is finally being released
on September 25, 2012 and many fans are excited.

Previous post:
Shelley and Tanya should appear in the lower box with Cheryl.

A first glimpse of the box set cover design appeared on and this blog was disappointed that Shelley and Tanya weren't featured on the front cover where they deserve to be (Super September News, Sunday, July 22, 2012.) This blog even suggested that maybe Shelley and Tanya can appear in the lower box (see above) with Cheryl. 

Season 1 and Seasons 2 & 3 Angel teams appear on one side panel
Season 4 and Season 5 Angels teams appear on the other side panel

But as it turns out, the two do appear prominently but on the other side panel of the box set (see above) and all throughout. In fact, their characters are also equally acknowledged along with Charlie's  first four Angels (see below).

Tiffany Welles and Julie Rogers equally acknowledged

Apologies and many thanks to the designer of the box set (Was it Mike Pingel of Not only does it feature all the Angels, it's very eye-catching as well. Love it. Can't wait to get it.

Wanna preview the box set design?
Mike Pingel hosted a video featuring the box set design check it out at:

Or got to YouTube and type:
Thanks, Mike, it's absolutely beautiful.

Color Tells A Fortune

Shelley models a long fuschia pea coat and a knitted skull cap 
for the Seventeen magazine spread entitled "Color Tells A Fortune,"
November 1967.

Jack and Mike Break Up

A clipping about the 1986-1987 TV series Jack and Mike which starred Shelley and Tom Mason as a married yuppie couple trying to strike a balance between work and play. The series was panned by some critics since its debut, but was found quite a delight by others. A break up to shake up the storyline was cooked up in 1987 to generate ratings. Sleeper hits were unimaginable at the time.

Young And Contemporary

Shelley modeled Simplicity pattern no. 5130. 
Shelley's young, contemporary and, oh, so cute and pretty 
in this pattern package from 1972.

Innocence And Sex Appeal

Shelley is shown above in a pic from the French mag Cine Tele Revue from June of 1980 (she also made the cover.) The caption translates to, "Shelley Hack, the latest Charlie's Angel: a harmonious blend of innocence and sex appeal."

Shop The World

Shelley was featured in a spread called "Shop The World Without Leaving Home" for Woman's Day magazine, October 1974. Shelley modeled a 2-pc. tunic-and-pants suit and a Guatemalan woven cotton jacket. Thanks to TJ for the mag.

Ray and Jan

Shelley Hack and George Hamilton played ex-couple 
Jan Claussen and Ray Jeffrie in the 1979 telefilm  
Death Car on the Freeway.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Sweater Pets

A very young Shelley in a spread entitled Sweater Pets
for Glamour magazine October, 1972

Paparazzi Spotted

Shelley was spotted by the paparazzi in October of 1979 leaving Frank's Restaurant with ex-beau, writer Nicholas Meyer. The cute hat wasn't enough to keep them from spotting her.

Teen Fashion

Shelley appeared in many ads for teen fashion
including this 1971 ad for Vicky Vaughn.

The Allure of The Charlie Girl

In October of 2010, Shelley was interviewed by Allure magazine about her Charlie Girl persona. The article mentioned many interesting tidbits about her break into modeling and her thoughts about being the Charlie Girl. Thanks very much to TJ for the copy.

Based On A True Story

 Watch the trailer at:

 The trailer of Shelley's 1995 TV Movie, Freefall: Flight 174 is on YouTube. The film is based on a true story, an aviation incident that happened in 1983. The film keeps you on the edge of your seat. If you can find it, watch it, it's an interesting ride.

Sexy in Lingerie

Shelley modeled very sexy and very beautiful lingerie for Vogue in 1974.
In black lace and satin, Shelley is both glamorous and sexy.

Super Simple

Shelley on the leaflet for Coat & Clark's Book No. 260
Super Simple Fashions To Knit and Crochet

Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Vision in White

Shelley is a vision (well, visions) in white in this spread
for Seventeen magazine in October of 1967.

1989 Movie

Shelley starred in the 1989 film Blind Fear as a blind switchboard operator
trapped in a New England lodge that is taken over by criminals.

Watch the film on YouTube at:
Enjoy, Shelley fans : )


Shelley shows us how to wear a jumpsuit
in this See & Sew pattern package cover from the 1970s.

Single in Japan

Shelley on the VHS jacket/cover of the TV movie she did in 1984
Single Bars Single Women which was released in Japan.

Hair 1975

Shelley was in the expert hands of famed hair stylist Dina Azzolini
for this feature that appeared in Vogue, March 1975.

Mystery Date

Shelley was out and about in the 1980s with this mystery date.

Simplicity Dress

Shelley modeled this easy-to-make dress in a spread for Simplicity
that came out in the February 1977 of Good Housekeeping.