Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Cult Classic for Halloween: The Stepfather

Watch The Stepfather on YouTube

The 1987-released cult-classic original The Stepfather still send chills. Starring Terry O'Quinn, Shelley Hack and Jill Schoelen, this slasher/horror film doesn't fail when it comes to delivering heart-pounding suspense. The 4x4 lumber scene is both gruesome and unforgettable. The film is well-paced and keeps viewers at the edge of their seats until the conclusion.  Terry O'Quinn and Shelley Hack give critically-noted performances. A Halloween "must-see."

Terry O'Quinn, Shelley Hack and Jill Schoelen
star in The Stepfather

Friday, October 26, 2012

The Definitive Face of the Late ’70s / Early ’80s

According to, Shelley Hack's Charlie perfume commercial from 1976 is one of the “10 best perfume commercials ever.” Ranked alongside Sir Ridley Scott's 1982 Chanel No. 5 masterpiece and Jean Paul Goode's witty Egoiste commercial from 1992, Shelley's Charlie commercial is dubbed as one “of the biggest, best and most indelible fragrance commercials.“ The site also says that “There may be no face more definitive of late ’70s/early ’80s beauty than that of Shelley Hack.” Nuff said...

Check it out at:

The commercials on the list are (as ranked):
   1. Chanel No. 5 (1982) - directed by Sir Ridley Scott.
   2. Egoiste by Chanel (1992) - created by Jean Paul Goode
   3.  White Diamonds by Liz Taylor (1991) – with Liz of course
   4.  Charlie (1976) – Shelley with Bobby Short
   5.  Calvin Klein’s Obsession (1985)
   6.  L’Air du Temps (1982)
   7.  Enjoli (1980)
   8.  Coty Wild Musk (1983) – with Shelley's The Stepfather co-star Jill Schoelen
   9.  CK One (1995) – with Kate Moss
   10. Canoe (1981)

A Beauty

Shelley is a beauty in this still, circa '79/'80.
Love the blouse.

Fabulous "Fashion-stakes"

Shelley was in an ad for Max "Fashion-stakes" in 1976. Max cigarettes was giving away fabulous fashions from top American designers like Stephen Burrows, Calvin Klein and Ralph Lauren (also fur and jewelry) to any lucky patron. Shelley modeled the Ralph Lauren ensemble. The other models in the ad are Lisa Taylor, and what looks like Chris Royer and Maud Adams. Oh, and by the way, "cigarette Smoking Is Dangerous To Your Health."

On A Date

Shelley and a mystery date in the mid '80s

Romantic Young Bride

Shelley is a young bride in this romantic cover
of Modern Bride (December 1965/January 1966 issue.)
She also appears inside the mag. Lovely...

Angel No. 5

This newspaper clipping about Shelley becoming Charlie's "Angel No. 5" came out in late May of 1979. A Kate Jackson fan seemed to dislike Shelley already and she she hadn't even filmed one scene yet. Farrah was a phenomenon but stayed on the show for just one short season, which could have contributed to Cheryl Ladd's successful integration into the show. But Shelley had to replace long-time angel Kate who, by then, had an established following. Did Kate's three-season stint work against Shelley?

Exotics Dyed in the Rice

Shelley appeared on a spread for Seventeen magazine in May of 1971 entitled "Exotics Dyed in the Rice." She modeled a sexy bikini top and a fun pair of harem pants in scarlet. A matching turban and a cute belt completed her exotic look.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Kicks: A Review

aka Destination Alcatraz
[TV movie]
(Mar 11, 1985)
Directed by William Wiard
Written by David Levinson
Anthony Geary as Martin Cheevers
Shelley Hack as Maggie Pierson
Tom Mason as Caleb
Ian Abercrombie as Barnes
Susan Ruttan as Rosemary
James Avery as Stanley

Plot (spoilers):
Thrill-seeking San Francisco university professor Maggie Pierson lives for the next big thrill and her boyfriend Caleb just can't seem to catch up. At one of her escapades, skydiving, she is spotted by another thrill-seeker, multimillionaire Martin Cheevers, who takes an interest in her. Cheevers aggressively goes after Maggie who is equally enamored by the glamorous, mysterious and powerful businessman. As the two pursue their ever-escalating thrills, their ever-escalating kicks, Caleb is pushed to the background and out of Maggie's life. But Cheevers's escapades slowly turn dangerous and their final escapade, breaking into a jewelry store, ends with Cheevers committing murder. Maggie is shaken and wants out, but Cheevers has her by the neck. He has video evidence that points to her as the murderer. And he puts this in a box, leaves it one of the cells at nearby Alcatraz for her to retrieve and destroy while he hunts her down like game. As it turns out, he had handpicked her from the very beginning and everything they went through was planned to culminate in this, HIS ultimate thrill. But Maggie is smart and resourceful. And with the help of Caleb, she foils Cheevers plans and turns the table on him.

This 1985 TV movie takes viewers into the world of thrill-seeking. As a thrill loses its kick, an escalated version of the original takes over. The question is, “How far is one willing to go for the thrill?” Martin Cheevers is definitely willing to go all the way, but Maggie Pierson realizes her limit. The plot is interesting and the pacing is quick enough, but as soon as viewers discover Cheevers's intentions, the movie seems to lose its edge. A little more action and at-the-edge-of-your-seat suspense during Cheevers's hunt for Maggie would have helped bring home the bacon. But all in all, not bad.

Shelley brought an intellectual quality to her characterization of Maggie Pierson. Appropriately so, since Maggie is a learned university professor. But what's really impressive is, during the restaurant scene she shared with Anthony Geary (Cheevers's and Maggie's first “date,”) she displayed what intellectual sexy is all about. The way she sat, her demeanor, her voice and her delivery of line was just sexy intelligent. It's really very striking, uncommon and quite hard to accomplish. She did a sensational job.

Also, viewers can sense the obvious chemistry between Shelley and Tom Mason. In fact, in their very first scene together, they came off as a couple who have been around for quite some time. Tom's everyman attitude was the perfect foil to Shelley's intellectual sensibilities. After seeing this, it's not surprising that a year later they both get their very own TV series (which was Jack and Mike.)

That '70s Style

Shelley donned that '70s style for Harper's Bazaar in 1976.

Red carpet Stunner

Shelley is still a red carpet stunner in these pics from Jan 2012 
at the Hallmark Channel's Winter TCA Press Tour Evening Gala.


top, the supermodel wives
below from left, Beverly Johnson (Glamour), Shelley Hack (Mademoiselle), 
Kathy Ireland (Sports Illustrated), Kim Alexis (Vogue), Maud Adams (Harper's Bazaar)

Shelley with fellow supermodels Beverly Johnson, Kathy Ireland, Kim Alexis and Maud Adams in a photo taken for the 1993 SuperModelFest of a TV movie A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the  Wicked Wives where they all played ex and current supermodels. All five women have graced the covers of many well-known magazines.

Short Cuts

Shelley modeled shorts for Penneys in 1971.

Globe Cover

Shelley on the cover of Midnight Globe in June of 1979

Personal Touch

Shelley appeared on the pages of the book 
The Art of  Sewing Personal Touch in 1973.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Life At A Small Hospital

Shelley with Alec Baldwin and Jim Metzler in an article about their TV series Cutter To Houston that appeared on the Canadian TV Guide Fall Preview issue in 1983. The series was about the lives of a surgeon, a GP and an internist at a small hospital in Cutter, Texas.

Knicker Set

Shelley modeled this knicker set by Carol Horn's Habitat for Harper's Bazaar in 1976. "It's for people with assurance who dare to set trends." Shelley's a breezy beauty in this.

Wards Christmas

Shelley in sleepwear for Montgomery Ward's Christmas catalog, 1976

More At The Oscars

More pics of Shelley at the 52nd Annual Academy Awards which was held in Los Angeles at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion on April 14, 1980. She was so chic and looked every inch like a star.

Alluring Gowns

Shelley modeled an alluring melon-colored tie-waist gown 
for JCPenney in 1975. She's gorgeous.

Beautiful Seventeen Cover

Shelley is beautiful in this cover 
for Seventeen magazine, November 1970.

Found Stills

Shelley in a pair of stills for the 1983 TV movie Found Money

Saturday, October 6, 2012

An Angels Reunion?

Jaclyn Smith and Cheryl Ladd have guested on a couple of talk shows and have both expressed their willingness to do a sit down interview with all the other living Angels. It would be historic to see Charlie's five living Angels in one room reminiscing about their iconic TV show. It's unfortunate that Tanya Roberts can never meet Farrah Fawcett, but Shelley Hack can finally meet Kate Jackson. Watch Jackie and Cheryl on YouTube.

On The Talk, Jackie mentions Tanya Roberts when they talk about bikinis,
and sort of says that if all the Angels were present,
they would get a more complete interview.

On Entertainment Tonight, Cheryl wishes that, at some point,
all the Angels could be in the same room together.
And, yes, Cheryl, that would be "pretty amazing."

Brigitte Fashions

Shelley appeared in issue no. 24
of the German mag Brigitte mit Constanze in 1971.

Hottest Actress on the Scene

An article about Shelley, the "Hottest Actress on the Scene" came out in 1978. By that time, she was already a highly-paid supermodel and was recognized by everyone as The Charlie Girl. She had done a cameo in the film Annie Hall, was being considered for the Bond film Moonraker and was currently, a first time leading-lady in the film If Ever I See You Again. The hot and busy model-turned-actress was in L.A. doing the talk shows to promote the film.

Cable Cover

Shelley on the cover of TV and Cable in October of 1984

Layering in the 70s

Shelley shows us how to layer in style
in this pic from Harper's Bazaar, 1977.

Nuclear Physicist Carol Ketay

Shelley played nuclear physicist Carol Ketay in the season 3 Love Boat episode "Dumb Luck/Tres Amigos/Hey, Jealous Lover." Cruise Director Julie McCoy is Carol's long time friend and helps her get a date by advising  her genius of a friend to "dress smart, talk dumb." Shelley did such a great acting job in this. She's so funny, so beautiful and her timing was perfect. And to think she did this during her Charlie's Angels stint...

Watch the two uploads of the episode on YouTube

Oh and by the way, the dress Shelley wore on the Love Boat epilogue was the same dress she wore on the Charlie's Angels episode "Angel Hunt." And she wore it so well. Gorgeous...

What's Going On

Shelley shows us "What's going on" 
in this very colorful 1972 ad for Bobbie Brooks.