Sunday, August 5, 2012

Episode Review... Angels Go Truckin'

Charlie’s Angels
Angels Go Truckin'
[Television Series Episode]
Season 4 Episode 2
airdate: September 19, 1979
genre: action/adventure
Directed by Lawrence Dobkin
Written by Richard Carr
Jaclyn Smith as Kelly Garrett
Cheryl Ladd as Kris Munroe
Shelley Hack as Tiffany Welles
David Doyle as John Bosley
John Forsythe as Charles Townsend (voice)
Joanne Linville as Maggie Brill
Royce D. Applegate as Bingo
James Carrington as Sam Willis
John Chappell as Cafe Manager
James Crittenden as Bobby Lee
Mickey Jones as Bo Mackey
Bill Zuckert as Sherriff


Charlie assigns the angels to investigate the mysterious robbery of pharmaceuticals worth a million dollars. The trucks carrying the shipment went through  a normal run but discovered they were carrying sandbags when they reached their destination. But how did the switch happen? Maggie Brill, a friend of Charlie’s,  managed the trucking company that was robbed, and she  hired only female drivers. So Kris and Tiffany were sent to trucking school, while Kelly went to work at the truck stop where the original drivers made their only stop. With Maggie’s consent and Charlie’s connections, Kris and Tiff went though the same route, routine and  shipment (they even encountered the same people)  the original drivers went through and ended up with the same result, they were carrying sandbags. Kelly pieces everything together and all three angels discover the mystery behind the clever switch, a staged set of events to divert attention from a very quick cargo exchange at the truck stop. And  the brains behind the robberies? No other than Maggie herself who wasn’t just Charlie’s friend but was actually his employee as well. Because Charlie owned the trucking company. 


This episode is one of the best episodes of the season, if not the best.  In fact, this gem of an episode  is at par with any 1st season episode and  is probably one of the best of the entire series. The story was so interesting with many twists and turns,  a surprise ending,  plus, a delightful epilogue (one which was very Charlie’s Angels, I must point out.) The supporting cast is to be commended as well.

As the second episode of the 4th season, the rapport between the three girls was coming along really nicely. The banter  between Cheryl Ladd and Shelley Hack can be likened to the banter between Kate Jackson and Farrah Fawcett in "Hellride," the first episode of the  1st season (you would also notice  there were scenes where Tiff was so big-sisterly to Kris.) They were so  much fun to watch and you wanted to see more. The dialogue between the three angels was so natural and the little bit of humor and teasing between them was delightful.

Shelley Hack did so well. She was so likable as Tiffany in this episode. Furthermore, acting-wise we can see that she could  handle the material. I don’t know why they were saying that she couldn’t act and why she wasn’t given much to say or do until four more episodes into the season, but in this, she made Tiffany Welles  a solid character.  If the series continued in this direction, things would have been very different.

And the episode definitely took advantage of Shelley’s endlessly long legs with shots of Shelley striding around in those super tight jeans and mile-high boots (which by the way, was so chic.) And sorry to the late Johnny Carson. Her T may not jiggle, but you will notice in this episode that the girl’s got great A.

The the way the story unfolded was so smart, and the action sequence in the end (Tiff kicks butt!!! Go, Tiff!!!) was certified Charlie’s Angels. It was amusing to see the classy Tiffany passing herself off as a truck driver, which could have been played up more. The attraction between Tiff and Sam Willis was so cute and could have been  played up more too. It could have done better with a  little more reaction-to-action sequences (especially, in the angel’s banter sequences.)  But all in all, great episode.

And what I really loved about it was the epilogue. All the smiles and the funny dialogue was so reminiscent of a 1st season episode-ender.  And the three girl were so so lovely, especially Shelley who, as we saw,  deserved to be an angel.  WE BELIEVE IT, WE BELIEVE IT!