Saturday, June 8, 2013

Men's Cologne

Shelley appeared in this rare and cutting-edge mid-'70s ad for Braggi, a men's cologne introduced by Charles Revson in 1966 for the more mature man. Male nudity in ads were becoming the rage and this is one example from the era. Thank you to Robert Cervantez's Super 70's at Pinterest for posting the ad or should I say pinning the ad.

a "butt-lifted" Braggi ad
see the original ad at:
(scroll all the way down, it was one of the early pins)

I know the ad wanted to appeal to the mature, over-40 male demographic (it's target market), but I felt I had to give the male model (my apologies to the male model) a bit of a "butt lift" to take away unwanted attention from it and to give more attention to the beautiful, somewhat candid nature of the picture and to Shelley, who was just drop-dead gorgeous, up-to-the-moment and glamorous in it.