Sunday, September 6, 2015

Make It Argyle

Shelley in a spread for Seventeen Says Make It, 1971

Shelley appeared on the pages of Seventeen Says Make It, the 1971 issue. She appeared in several spreads including the spread called "Make It Argyle" which featured fashions in argyle print that could be knitted by the mag's readers.

Shelley and a male model in he-she sweaters

Shelley, along with a male model, wore he-she fashions in the "Knit Two... Together" section, which featured fashions for a young couple, in argyle of course. Shelley modeled a sleeveless scoop (in argyle), a cute pair of charcoal colored shorts and a pair of argyle-cuffed sock. With it, she wore a shirt by Inwood and shoes by G.H. Bass. Shelley was very preppy and very lovely.

Shelley modeled a pull-down cap and a knitted scarf

Shelley also modeled fashions that could keep a girl warm during the cooler months of 1971. In the "Double-Take..." section, she wore an argyle pull-down cap and a "seemingly endless scarf" that would be great for those cool days. Charcoal colored shorts, a shirt by Inwood and a bracelet by Monet finished her look. And in her outfit, Shelley was a sight to behold.