Monday, June 28, 2010

Looks Can Kill

Diagnosis Murder
[TV-series, guest star]
(Oct 23, 1997)
Looks Can Kill
Episode Number 91 (season 5, episode 91-6th of the season)
First Aired October 23, 1997

Dick Van Dyke...Mark Sloan
Victoria Rowell...Dr. Amanda Bentley
Charlie Schlatter...Dr. Jesse Travis
Michael Tucci...Norman Briggs
Barry Van Dyke...Detective Steve Sloan
Guest Stars:
Shelley Hack...Dr. Elaine Denell
Signey Coleman...Julia Brush
Neil Roberts...Dr. Shurmur
Jill Whelan...Nancy Stewart
Anthony Michael Hall...Dr. Richard Johnson
Christy Perry...Nurse Christina

Dr. Elaine Denell is a cosmetic surgeon who wrote a bestseller, Plastics Fantastic, that resulted in her owning a thriving clinic. Her reputation is put on the line when one of her patients, Mindy Yates, dies with what seems to be the result of medical malpractice. In addition, it seems like Dr. Denell’s it’s-not-my-fault-if-the-patient-wants-it-done attitude in dealing with her clients is putting her in the hot seat. Dr. Sloane and his team investigate and they find out that Mindy’s death is of a more personal nature than they thought.

It seems that Shelley Hack is back in the year 1983. She’s not only playing a doctor (Cutter to Houston) but she’s starring with Dick Van Dyke (Found Money). But the year is 1997, and the show is Diagnosis Murder Season 5 Episode 6 , Looks Can Kill.

And Shelley has definitely matured as a performer. Her portrayal of Dr. Denell is restrained, very much like most educated people. She doesn’t raise her voice even in anger and is very level-headed at all times, much like many doctors around. I love the shocked expression on her face (as she looked at Dr. Sloane) when she was arrested. All in all, her performance was very good.

Delightful episode with former child actors from TV Jill Whelan (Love Boat) and from the movies Anthony Michael Hall (Sixteen Candles, The Breakfast Club)

This is Shelley’s latest performance as an actor to date. She became very busy with Bosnia, media consulting and peacekeeping in the years that followed. It would be great to see her acting again.