Sunday, June 27, 2010

Wine Guide

Celebrity Guide to Wine
[Celebrity Special]

Director: Daniel Helfgott

Bernard Erpicum
Whoopi Goldberg
Shelley Hack
Herbie Hancock
Kelly LeBrock
Robert Loggia
Dudley Moore
Steven Seagal
Peter Weller

Description (as written on the back cover of the VHS) :
If you own a corkscrew, or think you would like to, here is the guide for you. This informative video takes out the mystery and puts the fun into ordering, opening and enjoying wine. International and win expert and maitre d’ of the famous Spago Restaurant Bernard Erpicum and his celebrity friends provide the wacky vignettes, humor and easy-to-understand discussions.
-How to choose from a wine list.
-Which wine goes best with which food.
-Selecting glassware.
-Opening and serving wine.
-French wines and their domestic equivalents.
-Bernard’s Picks: specific wine recommendations for every taste and price range.
-And much more. All presented in a lively format sparkling laughter and good cheer.