Saturday, October 19, 2013

How Dare They Fire Shelley Hack

Shelley was defended by a fan in this clipping from June 1980. He was disappointed she was let go from Charlie's Angels after just one season. And I agree with him, she wasn't given a fair chance. In the ratings, the first few episodes of the season did great ("Love Boat Angels," Shelley's 1st episode, topped the ratings.) So viewers were definitely interested in her. She was THE fabulous Charlie Girl after all. But as the season progressed, she was consistently given little to say and do. Consequently, viewers lost interest, and the show began to dip in the ratings. When she was finally "equal status" with the other Angels, it was too late. The show had seriously dipped in the ratings. Now what I don't get is this. How could the dip in the ratings be her fault when they didn't let her say or do anything in the first place? So yes, how dare they fire Shelley Hack.