Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Sophisticated Charlie Girl

Shelley in a rare Charlie perfume ad from 1982

By 1982, Shelley Hack, The Charlie Girl, had become an icon and many were enamored by the image she projected - gorgeous, sexy, young, carefree and independent. But ads from 1982 featured a more sophisticated Charlie Girl. As Shelley's mane gradually went darker (brunettes were suddenly in vogue in the early '80s), her outfits went from chic to high fashion (see below.) Above is a very rare version of the ad. She's just fabulous in an outfit of polka dots and stripes that would have made Christian Lacroix proud. With darker hair, a medium-brimmed hat, chunky stud earrings and up-to-the-minute slingbacks, Shelley was the epitome of  haute couture '82.

other 1982 Charlie perfume ads with Shelley