Saturday, December 6, 2014

Christmas Countdown 1

Shelley in the 1979 Christmas version of the Charlie Perfume ad

MERRY CHRISTMAS, WORLD - Shelley appeared in Christmas versions of the Charlie perfume ad from 1978 up until 1981. The ad featured her striding that Charlie Girl stride alongside the season's most popular character, Santa Claus. Of course, as THE Charlie Girl, Shelley was dressed to the most glamorous hilt - as the season always demands. In the 1978 version, she wore an evening pants-ensemble by Sam Originals consisting of a black sequined evening jacket over a white Victorian-inspired blouse complete with matching black satin ribbon around the neck. A pair of shiny black satin slacks, two-toned evening heels and chunky glam earrings finished her look. The ad first appeared on December of 1978. But it seems Shelley became so busy with Charlie's Angels the year after that the ad ran again on December of 1979.