Saturday, December 20, 2014

Merry Christmas!!!

Shelley in the 1981 Christmas version of the Charlie Perfume ad

MERRY CHRISTMAS, WORLD - Shelley appeared in Christmas versions of the Charlie perfume ad from 1978 up until 1981. The ad featured her striding that Charlie Girl stride alongside the season's most popular character, Santa Claus. Of course, as THE Charlie Girl, Shelley was dressed to the most glamorous hilt - as the season always demands. In the 1981 version, an artwork version of Shelley was used, but as always, she was glammed up for a night out in town. She again wore a Victorian-inspired ruffled blouse, but this time, it was black, sheer and sexy. Instead of trousers, she wore a pair of evening clam-diggers, the latest trend at the time. A pair of matching slingback heels, a pair of festive over-sized button earrings and a radiant effervescent smile finished her look. As always, Shelley was downright gorgeous.

Shelley looking fab for Charlie perfume, December 1981