Sunday, April 10, 2016


a 1089 tabloid writeup about why Shelley was let go/left Charlie's Angels

So many things were said when Shelley joined the cast of Charlie's Angles in 1979. And so many things were said when she left the show as well. She was blamed for the show's slip in the ratings; but then it had already slipped significantly the year before - from Number 4 over-all in 1977 to Number 12 over-all in 1978 (that's a huge eight-point drop). They said she couldn't act; but she wasn't given anything to say or do. And when she had something to say or do, she wasn't bad at all - which surprised many (Also, she did very well in her Love Boat episode - which she filmed during her Angel tenure). They said she didn't have any charisma. Then how did she catapult Charlie by Revlon into the NUMBER ONE perfume and cosmetics BRAND IN THE WORLD spot? They said she she didn't get along with her co-stars. Then why were Jaclyn Smith, Cheryl Ladd and David Doyle defending her? Many assumed she was fired; but the truth is her option wasn't picked up - and nor did she want it to be. She was given a one-year contract with a six-year option - and she opted not to continue. As with Kate Jackson, it was a mutual decision.