Sunday, April 17, 2016

Yes! The Dress! 2

closeups of Shelley from a Woman's Day spread, May 1973

Shelley appeared in a spread for Woman's Day magazine in May of 1973 called "Yes! The Dress". It featured different dresses to wear from day to evening. One of the dresses Shelley modeled was a long sleeveless dress with a pleated skirt that ended at the knees and came with a matching casual baseball jacket, knitted cuffs and all. The top of the dress and the jacket were of knit lace. Matching heeled sandals, a bracelet and tied-back hair finished her look. She also modeled a sleeveless above-the-knee dress with a plain white top and printed skirt. It came with a matching jacket as well, which had a shirred waist. Tow-tone oxford heeled pumps, button earrings, a chunky necklace, a clutch and a black wig finished her look. Both outfits were by Leslie Fay.

Shelley in a spread for Woman's Day, May 1973

If you look closely, appearing on the spread with Shelley was her future co-star in the Charlie's Angels episode "Toni's Boys" Bruce Bauer. He played disguise and weapons expert Matt Parrish in the episode. Bruce was a busy model in the 1970s, appearing in both print ads and commercials. In fact, isn't that him with Shelley in these pics too?

Classy Clothes

The Palazzo Ensemble

above: Bruce Bauer and Shelley from the 1973 spread
below: Bruce Bauer and Shelley from the Charlie's Angels episode "Toni's Boys"