Sunday, November 6, 2016

Going Crazy?

a paparazzi photo of Shelley from 1979

Shelley became a superstar when she joined the cast of Charlie's Angels in June of 1979 and was immediately thrown into the spotlight. Rumors about her began to spread and the gossip columns and the paparazzi covered her every move. One writeup claimed that Teri Garr (Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Oh God!) said some actresses would kill to be on Charlie's Angels and on the cover of The National Enquirer and nobody really cared about those actresses because they didn't cure polio or cancer. "That kind of thing makes people crazy", the mag quoted Teri. It went on to ask if Shelley, Charlie's newest Angel at the time, would go crazy over Teri's statement.

a writeup about the current stars of 1979, Rona Barrett's Preview - Nov 1979