Sunday, November 13, 2016

Talking about Jack and Mike

screen captures of Shelley from Entertainment Tonight, 1986

Shelley's third foray into series television was Jack and Mike in 1986. The show explored the life of Jackie Shea and Mike Brennan, a married couple with busy careers trying to make their marriage work. The yuppie phenomenon exploded in the 1980s as more and more women began entering the workforce and climbing up the corporate ladder on their own, holding positions previously reserved for men only in past generations. Before the show premiered, Shelley was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight to talk about her new TV series. "I saw in the script a modern woman who really loves her job and really loves her husband and is trying to balance the two," Shelley told ET. She added, "It's not easy balancing a job you love and a husband you love very much."

screen captures of Shelley (some with Jack and Mike co-star Tom Mason)
from Entertainment Tonight, 1986

"I don't have to do a series," Shelley confessed to ET, "You know, I'm fine doing television movies; and I started to produce my own, which is what I eventually want to do" (which she's doing now, by the way). But then she read the script for Jack and Mike and liked it so much, she signed on the dotted line. Shelley always admitted she loved working on Jack and Mike, but the series, unfortunately, had a short run (sleeper hits were unheard of then). Let's hope it makes it on DVD soon. For more on Shelley's ET interview, go to:

Entertainment Tonight- August 21, 1986
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