Sunday, December 11, 2016

A Fan of Shelley's

Cheryl Ladd on Closer mag's Dec 5, 2016 issue

Cheryl Ladd was interviewed by Closer mag; and it appeared on the mag's Dec 5, 2016 issue. The mag caught up with the latest in Cheryl's life, was asked about new home (and business venture) in Texas and was asked about her former Charlie's Angels co-stars as well. She said Jaclyn Smith is coming to visit her, Farrah was "100 percent professional" and that she was a fan of Shelley's. She said Shelley was "a really hardworking, nice girl." I hope all the living TOS Angels finally reunite and sit for one legendary interview. That would be so AWESOME!

Cheryl Ladd on Shelley Hack,
the two really got along