Sunday, February 26, 2017

Change of Heart Episode

Moonlighting/Jack & Mike promo, 1986
Shelley, Tom Mason and James Sloyan in screen captures
from a Jack and Mike promo, 1986
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Shelley's third TV series, Jack and Mike, was aired from 1986-1987. She played journalist Jackie Shea who was married to restaurateur Mike Brennan (played by Tom Mason). The trailer for the episode "Change of Heart" is currently on YouTube (Thank you so much to Chuck D's All-New Classic TV Clubhouse for posting). In the episode, Mike's friend, Louie (played by James Sloyan), makes himself an unwelcome house guest; while Jackie suspects a heart-transplant patient may have been bypassed in favor of a man who donated a new wing to the hospital. Let's hope the series is finally released on DVD this year.