Sunday, February 12, 2017

Overcoming Huge Hurdles

Shelley in a writeup for the 1989 TV movie Bridesmaids

Shelley had to overcome huge hurdles after her stint in Charlie's Angels (In fact, all the women who starred in the 1970s TV phenomenon had to overcome the same thing). Upon leaving the series in 1980. Shelley was able to win over some of her critics with projects such as the plays Vanities and Born Yesterday, TV outings like Cutter to Houston and Trackdown, as well as movies like The King of Comedy. But the hurdles were still there and she had to work harder. In 1987, she gave one of her best performances in the feature film The Stepfather and was able finally win over many of her detractors.

Shelley with Brooke Adams, Stephane Faracy and Sela Ward 
in a still for the 1989 TV movie Bridesmaids