Saturday, June 24, 2017

TreeTop Commercial 2

screen captures of Shelley from her 1988 TreeTop commercial

Shelley appeared in commercials for Treetop fruit Juices in 1988. She endorsed TreeTop's products and said good things about them. The commercials she made were sort of very personal, because she was shown in a very casual setting and was casually dressed and was in a very casual mood as she talked to the people in front of their TVs. Her clean, fresh and open brand of beauty helped a lot, of course. After all, they were the very qualities that catapulted her to Supermodel status more than a decade prior.

more screen captures of Shelley from her 1988 Treetop commercial

check out her TreeTop commercial at:
TreeTop Fruit Juices - Commercial Tree Top 1988
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and choose "Open Link in New Tab" option)

Shelley appeared in another commercial for TreeTop.