Saturday, May 10, 2014

Cutter to Houston Cast

the Cutter to Houston cast
K Callan, Jim Metzler, Shelley Hack, Alec Baldwin and Susan Saldivar

Shelley starred in her second TV series Cutter to Houston back in 1983. She starred alongside Jim Metzler and young, newcomer Alec Baldwin. They played doctors (Dr. Beth Gilbert, Dr. Andy Fenton and Dr. Hal Wexler respectively) who were assigned to a clinic located in the fictional town of Cutter, Texas. The clinic was hooked up via computer (a novel idea at the time) to a big city hospital in Texas; hence the title of the series. Other mainstays included veteran actors K Callan as Connie Buford and Noble Willingham as  Mayor Warren Jarvis. Susan Saldivar (aka Susan Styles) played Nurse Patty Alvarez.