Friday, July 18, 2014

THE Charlie Girl

Shelley in a very glam 1982 Charlie perfume ad

Shelley Hack was and is THE most popular Charlie Girl, EVER. In fact, the brand and Shelley's name have become so synonymous that the mere mention of Charlie perfume brings her face to mind. Shelley appeared in many Charlie perfume print ads and commercials during her tenure as the brand's image model and spokesperson. A compilation of some of her commercials has been posted on YouTube. Thank you so much to filomango690 for posting. Check it out at:

Charlie, Charlie, Charlie!
(highlight the link, right click and choose "Open Link in New Tab" option)

Shelley sprays Charlie perfume as she walks
around the streets of some foreign country

Shelley did more Charlie commercials though. There's one where she's putting on makeup, one where she's cooking and one where she's walking around the streets of some foreign country. Let's hope these and more would find their way into YouTube as well.