Sunday, July 19, 2015

1987 Promo

Jack and Mike 20 20 promo, 1987
Shelley, Tom Mason and Stuart Whitman in screen captures
from a
Jack and Mike promo, 1987
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Shelley's third TV series, Jack and Mike, was aired from 1986-1987. She played journalist Jackie Shea who was married to restaurateur Mike Brennan (played by Tom Mason). The trailer of the episode "Quality of Mercy" is currently on YouTube (Thank you so much to Despeissis Jack for posting). In the episode, Mike's friend, Malcolm, is on trial for killing his wife, who is terminally ill. He contends it was mercy killing but Jackie doesn't believe him.  Stuart Whitman guest starred as Malcolm. Lara Flynn Boyle was in it as well; she played Leslie. Let's hope the series finally makes it to DVD.