Sunday, July 5, 2015

Greetings and Braidings 1

Before anything else, let's all greet Shelley this July 6th.
It's her birthday!!!

We wish you happiness, peace and good health!!! 
Thank you for all the inspiration you have given throughout these years!
We LOVE you forever!!!



Shelley in a spread for Woman's Day mag, 1971

Shelley has been such an inspiration to many for a lot of years. Her growth and transition from working on television and film to becoming an an international peacekeeper and international media consultant has been awe-inspiring. In fact, even her work as Supermodel has been a source of inspiration as well. Shelley had been a model since her teens and had appeared on many spreads in many magazines.

closeups of Shelley from the Woman's Day 1971 spread

In 1971, she appeared in a spread for Woman's Day magazine called "Braiding the Classics, Pure and Simple". It showed readers how to transform their fashion classics into one-of-a-kind outfits with the imaginative use of braiding. Shelley modeled a denim  jacket and shorts ensemble that had been personalized with floral braids around the seams and borders. She also modeled a collared shirt top and shorts ensemble personalized with floral braids as well. But on this one, the braids have been turned into suspenders which have been sewn on to the back of the shorts, crisscrossed at the back, put through braid epaulets sewn on the shirt shoulders and then snapped inside the front of the shorts. The waist and side seams of the shorts have braid details as well. Matching shoes, cute knee-length socks, a fitted bonnet and Shelley's effervescent smile finished both looks. Shelley was sensational.