Sunday, July 5, 2015

Single Woman in the '80s

Shelley in a publicity pic for Single Bars Single Women, 1984

Shelley appeared in the TV movie Single Bars Single Women in 1984. It was about the challenges newly-liberated women were then facing now that they were independent. Gender roles had changed; and women (as well as men) were uncertain of how to go about the dating scene. She played Frankie, a single woman who was wronged by her boyfriend Gabe (played by Paul Michael Glaser). Frankie was trying to forget Gabe, so she immersed herself in the singles scene in order to meet someone new. The film tackled the problems women had at the time - trying to reconcile traditional and modern dating notions.

screen caps of Shelley with Paul Michael Glaser
from Single Bars Single Women, 1984