Sunday, November 1, 2015

Mademoiselle Shelley 1978 Part 1

a writeup on Shelley from Mademoiselle magazine in 1978

Shelley had been a part-time model when she was a teenager and still in school. But in the early '70s, after her schooling, she started modeling full-time. She was represented by the Ford Models agency and became one of their top earning girls. When she bagged an exclusive contract for Revlon Charlie, she catapulted to Supermodel and became famous the world over.

Shelley in the Starstyle section of Mademoiselle, June 1978

Shelley was featured in the Starstyle section of Mademoiselle in June 1978. She was a Superstar Model and was known as THE Charlie Girl. The writeup explained the brand of beauty Shelley possessed.  It wasn't stop-in-your-tracks Garbo-ish or endearingly quirky Lauren Hutton-ish. It said she had a clean, fresh, open and honest type of beauty. She was all-American and wholesome - you just like her. She projected a grown up cheerleader kind of vibe. And from modeling, she was transitioning into acting at the time. She had appeared in the Academy Award winning film Annie Hall just a year before and was currently the leading lady on the film If Ever I See You Again. She was going places.

gorgeous Shelley was photographed by Demarchelier for the writeup