Sunday, November 15, 2015

TV Tales

screen captures of Shelley from TV Tales: Charlies Angels, 2002

In 2002, the E! network series TV Tales featured the legendary TV series Charlie's Angels. It was aired prior to the 2003 release of Charlie's Angels Full Throttle, the second Angels movie. All six TOS Angels were interviewed in it; so it was the first time they were all in one show - separately though because they were each interviewed by TV Tales separately. Each Angel was given a chance to talk about her experience with the series; and each of the girls gave their  thoughts and views about what they went through and what the show meant to them. It was great to hear from all of them. But now that another Angels movie is in the works, wouldn't it be great to have another special about them? But this time, with all of them in one room (sans Farrah, of course, sadly). That would be so awesome.

more screen captures of Shelley from from TV Tales: Charlies Angels, 2002