Sunday, December 27, 2015

Good Houskeeping

a writeup about Shelley
from the Spanish language magazine Buenhogar, Aug 1979

Shelley appeared on the cover--

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--as well as inside the Spanish language magazine Buenhogar (Good Housekeeping) in August of 1979. She had just become the TV's newest Angel and people around the world were interested in this Charlie Girl turned Charlie's Angel. Naturally, she was asked to divulge her beauty secrets. And in the writeup called "Acualquier Hora: Shelley Hack Nos Da Sus Secretos" (Any Time: Shelley Hack Gives Us Her Beauty Secrets"), she dos exactly that. Shelley was one of THE Supermodels of the era and had number of secrets to share with Buenhogar readers.

Shelley, gorgeous in 1979