Sunday, February 21, 2016

Troll 1985

A Japanese writeup on the movie Troll, 1985

Shelley appeared in the feature film Troll in 1985. The film starred many past and future television stars aside from Shelley. Past TV stars like Sonny Bono (The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour) and Gary Sandy (WKRP in Cincinnati) and future TV stars like Michael Moriarty (Law & Order) and Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Seinfeld) were in the film. Mother and daughter June and Anne Lockehart was also part of the cast, as well as Phil Fondacaro who played Torok the Troll. Jenny Beck and pre-teen superstar Noah Hathaway rounded out the cast. Troll was geared towards children and was kept appropriately wholesome. An animated prequel version of the film  entitled Troll: The Rise of Harry Potter Jr. (set for release in 2017) is currently in the works with Patricia Arquette and Baxter Bartlett as voice talents. An animated series follows it in 2018.

a closeup of Shelley with her Troll castmates
Noah Hathaway, Michael Moriarty and Jenny Beck