Sunday, June 12, 2016

For The Independent Woman 2

Shelley Hack in a spread for Harper's Bazaar, Feb 1976

Shelley appeared in Harper's Bazaar's Feb 1976 issue. In the spread called, "Fashion For The Independent American Woman", she modeled evening looks that could be worn out or when entertaining at home. One was The Silk Pajama in Palest Apricot - an asymmetric apricot-colored tunic top that bared one shoulder and was worn over a pair of pajama pants in the same color- by Albert Capraro. The other was The Silk Chemise in Cyclamen Pink - a long and easy cyclamen dress with a drawstring neck and bell-shaped sleeves- also by  Albert Capraro. Both of her outfits were accessorized with jewels by David Webb. And Shelley looked ever bit the glamorous 1970s Independent American Woman. For more, check out:

Fashion for the Independent Woman


Pink Chemise

closeups of Shelley from the spread