Sunday, June 26, 2016

Polyester Knit Dresses

Shelley in a spread for Sears Fall Winter 1975 catalog

Shelley appeared on the pages of Sears Fall Winter 1975 catalog. In one spread called "Polyester Knit Dresses", she modeled dresses that could be worn for a day out in town. She wore the Pullover-style Dress (on sale at the time) that had elasticized white smocking around the waist, white piping edging the collars and puffed sleeves with narrow cuffs. She also wore the Coatdress which had white collars trimmed at the edges with lace that extended to the waist of the front of the dress. It had long sleeves that ended in white cuffs and a half-belt that tied at the back. Shelley was absolutely lovely in both dresses.

closeups of Shelley from the spread