Sunday, June 26, 2016

Nail Gleamers

a closeup of Shelley in Bill Blass for Blassport
from a Charlie Nail Gleamer ad, 1978

Shelley was THE Charlie Girl of the 1970s. She catapulted the Charlie brand to number one in the world - yes, the WORLD. The image she projected was so in sync with the feminist movement at the time that women aspired to become Charlie Girls themselves - independent, sexy and gorgeous. By 1978, the Charlie brand branched out to nail color. Shelley endorsed Charlie Nail Gleamer - nail polish that smoothed, fortified and whipped women's nails into "show-off shape", because every Charlie Girl wanted her nails to always be in perfect form as she went about her free and independent life.

Shelley in an ad for Charlie Nail Gleamer, 1978