Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Summer of Dreams

Shelley produced the 2016 Film Summer of Dreams
which starred co-producer Debbie Gibson and Robert Gant
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‘Summer of Dreams’: ‘Original Pop Princess’ Debbie Gibson 
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Shelley recently produced her third original film (The first was Lucky Christmas, 2011; The second was Perfect Match a.k.a. A Perfect Wedding, 2015) for the Hallmark Channel. Initially aired last August 27, Summer of Dreams starred 80s pop icon Debbie Gibson and Queer As Folk alum Robert Gant. Kim Arnott was credited as producer as well. Of Shelley and Kim, Debbie told callmeadam.com, "I am also an executive producer, though Shelley Hack and Kim Arnott are the seasoned gals who executive produce back-to-back movies so I learned a lot from them!"

 a screen capture from the TV movie Summer of Dreams
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Call Answered: Debbie Gibson: Summer of Dreams
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