Sunday, March 12, 2017


Shelley on the cover of Fascinacion in 1980
(her pic is inverted on the cover)

Shelley's casting in Charlie's Angels in 1979 was a worldwide event - covered by the entertainment news around the world. She appeared on many magazine covers throughout the latter half of 1979 and in 1980. One of them was Fascnacion (Fascination), a Spanish-language magazine.

Shelley's Fascinacion cover pic flipped

Shelley's pics would sometimes be inverted when they appear on magazines. An immediate indicator would be the parting of her hair which in pictures would normally be on the left side (although at times it was parted on the right, which was quite rare). Other indicators would be those tiny quirks and imperfections that make faces uniquely beautiful. For example, her nose which veers slightly to the left ends with a cleft on the tip (like a cleft chin). Also her jaw is ever so slightly more square on the left side than the right.Her left eye is ever so slightly bigger on the left than the right. Plus, when she smiles, the left side of her mouth arcs upward while the right side arcs downward. But putting ll these features together, quirks and all, makes Shelley the unique beauty that she is.