Sunday, March 12, 2017

Jack and Mike Episode 3

Shelley in Screen Captures from the Jack and Mike episode "Personal Foul"
with Anthony Griffin, Marleen Paulette and Jacqueline Brookes

Shelley third foray into series TV was the 1986 series Jack and Mike in which she played lead character journalist Jackie Shea opposite Tom Mason who played her restaurateur husband Mike Brennan. Jacqueline Brookes played Jackie's editor Nora Adler. The third episode "Personal Foul" according to summarizes as follows:

"A college professor is suspended for trying to flunk the school's star basketball player, and Mike (Tom Mason) is upset that Jackie's covering the story, since it's his alma mater and he's the team's No. 1 supporter."

Guest stars were  Anthony Griffin as Andrew Taylor, Greg Noonan as Coach Brock and Marleen Paulette as Prof. Powell. Let's hope the series is finally released on DVD.