Sunday, March 5, 2017

Iconic Fragrance

MFO: Episode 187: Charlie by Revlon (1973) "Iconic"
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Thanks you for posting, fragrancematt.

Last Feb, fragrancematt., a YouTube channel that critiques fragrances, did a piece on one of the iconic fragrances of the 1970s, the original Revlon Charlie fragrance. fragrancematt. gave a great and comprehensive review of Charlie's actual scent - from the top notes to the base notes. fragrancematt. also said that it's a powerful, confident scent was made to make women in the 70s feel powerful and confident (he hit the nail right on the head) - plus, he said it smells really nice too. In addition, he said that Charlie's scent isn't too feminine and can actually be worn by men, which ties in perfectly with the ad campaign that launched Charlie to iconic status decades ago. And who was at the center of that unforgettable 1970s ad campaign? Who else? The gorgeous, sexy young Charlie Girl - Supermodel Shelley Hack. For more info on Charlie and Charlie Girl Shelley check out:


Shelley Hack was and will always be the quintessential Charlie Girl